Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

give us a woman, any one will do?

For a couple years now I've losely run a webring called The Bitchin' Smart Webring. It has no hub page, I don't work at promoting it, but it gets a couple submissions every so often so I just keep adding people. It's basically for sites by smart interesting people - homepages that have some content besides "I LIKE CAKE!" and "here are the useless blobs I adopted off someone else's homepage..." You get the picture.

So someone recently submitted a geocities site that's totally based on getting Hillary Clinton to win the 2004 presidential election. I despise Hillary Clinton. I hate how she's been embraced by people (who? women? feminist? I never figured that out) as a symbol for strength and power. She rode her husband's coattails into the public eye, she used a man to get power, she didn't get it herself, and when he was fooling around with interns she was still prancing around playing the wife publishing favorite cookie recipes in Good Housekeeping. Then she used the entire state of New York to become a senator, so she could whine to the senate instead of Red Book for a change.

(don't like writing fight words in my journal. but it happens. sorry.)

I do not want Hillary Clinton to be the first woman to run for president because I will not vote for her, and that irks me about more than anything. I think we should have a woman president. I think we should have a black president and an asian-american president and all of these things, but I think our president should always be an intelligent, thinking, human being who stands for democracy and hard work. "Marry a coniving man who will take you to the top then stick with him even if he's a worthless ahole because it's good for your career." Yeah, that's a message I hope every young girl gets.

Back to the website though. I don't even think it's that smart, I think it spreads meaningless propaganda and accusing hype.

Maybe I feel like this because I hate most of our political system. I hate the political parties and the machines and the budget cuts and budget increases. I hate that republicans control my state and democrats control other states. I hate socialism. I hate health care no matter who is in charge of it (but since the government screws so many things up, I hate to give them this one too). I'm basically a pessimist myself.

And part of me thinks I should let this girl in the webring just because it's free speech and it doesn't say anywhere on it that you have to agree with me to be in the damn thing.

I'm torn. And pissy. It's no good to be pissy after all, uhg. Someone tell me again why they had to keep shutting out Libby Dole? She was so much cooler than Bob it wasn't even funny, so much cooler than GWB you can't even compare.
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