Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the weather

spacefem's advice: be a pilot and a gardener. that way no matter what the weather is, you can hate it.

my rain barrel doesn't have enough water to be above its drain spout. it's discouraging... last year this almost happened in august... but didn't. granted, I planted earlier this year, and planted a lot more, so I'm watering more, but watching the spout drip to nothing is just creepy. it takes me weeks to empty it and only one good rain to fill it up again, but we haven't had one good rain. and it's well known that the lack of rain this year is weird. average in wichita for may is 4 inches, and we haven't even had one.

so last night it looked like it was going to storm. I mowed the lawn and borrowed some tools from neighbors and then played out in the yard with josie, and it got cloudier and cloudier and finally started to rain. big ploppy raindrops on our arms and hair, and josie ran around in it with her arms out announcing all the things it was raining on, and I let her just run around in it. maybe it'll help her grow. she's so small.

then it stopped. and they're saying we might get more storms tonight, but last night's was less than 1/10th of an inch. it wasn't enough to start sliding down the roof, into the gutter, through the spout to the rain barrel. I know, I was watching.

I'm concerned. last summer's string of 110 degree days wasn't just hot, it was creepy how long it hung on. then there was the snow-less winter with most all the days above freezing. early spring. early drought.
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