Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

our pinky... rip little guinea pig :(

I am sad to say that we no longer have pinky & the brain. just brain :( I went to give the guinea pigs hay this morning and they all rushed out to get it except for pinky, who was sleeping in his house, and never woke up. It's very sad.

Pinky had some real attitude problems but we loved him anyway. He instigated some pig drama but maybe he just really wanted to assert his place in the herd. his death was quite unexpected, he was our youngest and one of our healthiest pigs. He came to us from the humane society in March 2009 as a baby. So that would put him around 3-4 years old into his 4-8 year "allotted" guinea pig lifespan. I guess it was just his time.

we will all miss you pinky :(

Tags: guinea pigs
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