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stalker wall verbs

I keep going to people's houses and seeing huge vinyl letters stuck to the wall, apparently that's the way to really make a house a home these days. People get their last names, or a bible verse, or just a favorite bit of a poem they like. They're practically everywhere. So I decided we needed some!

I did a google search on popular wall phrases and here's what came up first:

Your love is my light, sun of all my mornings, fire of all my nights

Always kiss me goodnight

Let your heart guide you today

and my favorite!

Dance like no one is watching

that is exactly the kind of uninhibited freedom I want people to think of in my house. er, check that, HOME! So I tweaked it a bit, because I wanted the letters in my bathroom, and now we have this:

Shower like no one is watching

(that is honestly 100% I promise in my shower! femcon attendees will be able to provide confirmation in a month or so here!)

Sadly I never did come out with my picture frames with phrases based on "All because two people fell in love" but letters, they can be custom ordered from a ton of places, they'll send anything you want! I'm pretty happy about this.

pps... I saw a giant wood block on etsy with the phrase "always kiss me goodnight" scripted on it, I think it was supposed to be a bookend for the room of a happy couple. But I don't think affectionate reminders should be printed on things that are heavy and potentially damaging, am I right? Can't you just see that happy cheesy-ass couple in five years screaming at each other, and one of them looks over at the hallmark-card bookend, hits the breaking point, and throws it through the wall? YOU CAN ALWAYS KISS MY ASS GOODNIGHT YOU PIECE OF SHIT!

that's what makes a house a home :)
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