Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

now who's the crazy lady in traffic?

I don't know exactly what I did... just that I was in the far left lane, and merged into the center lane. I think she was in the far right, wanting to merge into the center lane too... which she's no more deserving of than I am. Of course she got so mad I found myself wondering if she could have possibly been in the center lane and I somehow missed her and merged into her, but she could have freaking HONKED, right?

Oh, and we're driving down kellogg at rush hour, both going like 65.

So after I did whatever I did to offend her she's in the lane to my right, she hits her brakes to slow down to my speed so she can drive along next to me, then speed up because the brakes slowed her down too much, then she stares at my car until I make eye contact so she can gesture and make "what are you doing" motions and mouth things that I had no chance of understanding. but I barely gave her a glance because I was trying to LOOK FORWARD at the speeding traffic ahead of me, as she's going 65 mph staring at my car, putting all her focus and efforts into making sure I felt bad.

we were BOTH lucky there was no one in front of her.

I mean, if I could have caused an accident because I didn't see a driver behind me, that's bad. But if you cause an accident because you're just plain not even looking at the traffic in front of you, that's way worse. waaaaay. right?
Tags: cars, wichita
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