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beer, lazagna, internal bleeding

I have a huge gross looking bruise on the back of my left calf. Have no idea where it came from, which is disturbing. Why is it than when I get knocked in the arm with a football and tell people later how bad it hurt they say, "Quit whining, it didn't even leave a mark!" yet I get these weird random things for no reason? It's gross looking!

Went to Steve's last night. Steve cracks me up because he loves to show off the house he lives in but none of it's his, it's his dad's stuff, so if it were me I wouldn't tell people about the details of it. But maybe that's because I've been in Pittsburg where people actually look down on you for having rich parents.

Despite this, Steve is a sweetheart, he bought the beer I like so I wouldn't have to do the girly smirnoff ice thing again or risk my life with whatever Dave was drinking (something totally random we found at the store that tasted funny). We watched "Blazing Saddles"... the DVD version! It's funny because the last 12 times I've seen that movie it was on Comedy Central, where they edit out some of the really good parts. It's a movie I wouldn't mind owning. When I worked in the dorms I told our hall director we needed it in the resource room (right next to Boys Don't Cry and The Color Purple) because it's about diversity, too. She didn't buy it.

Anyway, we played pool after that for a while and I beat the two drunk girls I played against but no one else. I suck at pool (sigh).

Today Dave and I are going to do some shopping and make lazagna for my family. I've never made it before but since my parents bought us a really nice dinner last night we're going to go for it. I do need to learn to cook I guess, I can't live on macaroni and cheese my entire life and there's no guarantee I'll always be with a guy like dave who's a better cook than I am. So here goes!


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Jun. 1st, 2002 10:35 am (UTC)
The thing about Blazing Saddles is that it IS about diversity... after all the main character is a black man (Clevon Little) being appointed to the sherrif of some podunk town of rock ridge. Saddles is one of Mel Brooks's finest pieces of social commentary.
Jun. 2nd, 2002 02:27 pm (UTC)

I think the reason why I enjoy showing people around that much is beecause it's fun for me. Some of the really neeto aspects of this house I had a hand in, however small, ,and some of the others, I had a larger hand in. I LOVED showing the basement of our older house off when I lived in Creekside because I really HAD been a part of it all. I owned some of the stuff down there, I helpeed build it, contribute to the design, et. al. Ask Mike. it was a nifty placec.

What with my eyes and all, it's probably going to be a bit before I can move out to a placec of my own. So I make my odds even by helping Dad have a neater place. In return, he pretty much says I can do whatever I want, as long as he never hears about it. That's a pretty long leash, and for someone who likes shiney things, I take what I can get.

I also show the place earound because I'm proud of what my Dad has done. His mom and dad were kind of whackabat(tm) themselves, so it's kind of an inspiration to me, an acknowledgement that good things can come. That's very important to me, Hope...

(Soapbox Mode off...)

Glad you had a good time, Kim. I hope you know that you and David are always welcome.
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