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geekery and other made up words I learned on etsy

So today's etsy contest theme is "geekery" and I've been way too excited about it. The contest has been going great, getting thousands of votes, I even moved it to this week so it's kind of its own project.

Etsy has an entire category called "geekery" and I hesitated to use that word for today's contest, but it had way more items than just the keyword "geek" which is sad. I think geekery is another silly made-up craft world word that just makes NO damn sense, and that's probably why etsy shop owners sometimes figure it's the place to throw, any "category" type item like "things with stripes!" (huh?) or anything weird like "driftwood!" (no.) or anything that barely brushes up next to pop culture (anything with an arrow on it is "hunger games inspired" this month... lots of stretch for some of those).

My other favorite made-up words I've learned this year:

What you might think it is: not really hitting a baseball. Or maybe an afternoon spent making cakes with holes in them, ie, "I spent four hours bunting and now I've got a lot of great bunts."
But really: It's a row of triangle flags hanging up on string to look festive.

What you might think it is: someone wanted to fasten something, but mispelled it.
But really: It's a fancy, aka FASCINATING thing you glomp to your head for a special occasion like a wedding (although half the time, they're just weird).

What you might think it is: a verb. "I keep finding dead mice in the basement".
But really: It's a special little bead or some crap that you just can't believe you found, "ooh, what a finding!"

I don't know if it's crafters or marketing people or "stylists" who make this stuff up but I could have lived my whole life not knowing it. Freaking etsy. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I sell stuff, I use the money to buy stuff, you'd think that'd be a form of love. But I also have deep love for regretsy and all its snarky glory and ability to make fun of the awfulness that makes it on there sometimes. And there are plenty of days when I look at the contest entries and see items that are, like, THE SAME, just by different people... on $5 day, then on $12 day, then on $28 day. The difference between them is typically the photography qualifications of the seller. It makes me shake my head at the crazyness. Then go back to shopping.
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