Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Canada can stop making pennies, we can too!

So remember a while back I posted about how it'd be a good idea to just phase out the penny as currency? Well now canada is going to stop making them and I say GO CANADA, they're joining many other countries, this is not a revolutionary idea. It's only "crazy" if you're a scared-of-new-things traditionalist who thinks every new idea is a threat to your existence (and unfortunately, we have lots of those in America).

Just to recap: "currency" is something that
1) Has value. Like, you'd stop to pick it up in the street.
2) Can buy you things, like sodas out of vending machines.
3) Most common use is to be exchanged for goods, not pressed into souvenir at one of those crank machines at tourist traps, which I think is the only thing anyone does with pennies.

The topic of inflation comes up a lot in these discussions, apparently, because the purists remember the days when a penny really could buy something and in my last entry people suggested deflating the currency so pennies would gain value, which I think is an awful idea just to save a coin. We'd have to make a dollar worth 10 cents for the penny to be worth a dime. Your house would sell for 10 grand even if you owe $100K on it. We are where we are folks. Quit being nostalgic.

Time to kill the American penny! Although I know now we'll have to wait another bunch of years, we wouldn't want to look like Canadians, we're Americans (fuck yeah!) and nobody can tell us what to do, blah blah blah. Oh but someday people, someday, I will no longer have to wait by the cash register while someone counts four pennies out to hand me to clog up my wallet.

Hell, let's just outdo canada, stop making nickels too.
Tags: activism, politics, ranting
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