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all in the family

Added the following to my friends list today: britgeekgrrl, elfmoogle, hestia, miss_colombina, woodrunner, starburstkid, chloelle, cheeselog

You know, I really always wonder how these people find me. And with today's group I really wonder how crack is still so readily available to the population. Seriously, check out the last three user profiles. Was I ever that... unique? Oh well, good to have friends... I'm up to 104 now, so my friends page is basically a lost cause.

In other news, Dave is in town and my sister left for a week. I'm supposed to take care of her hermit crab but I don't want to because I think he smells. I'm supposed to wash out his water dish every day and refill it with special water she left in a bottle. Dave thinks the crab should just live in the back part of the toilet (you know, where the clean water is) for the week. He can crawl around on the floater and everything, it'd be great! My sister said he'd drown. I say she believes in darwinism, so throw let's just see what happens.

Or maybe he could live with the parakeets? I already change their water every day, they can share.
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