Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

praying to strike down the health care bill? really?

I threw up in my mouth a little bit over lunch hearing news reports about protesters praying for the supreme court to rule against Obama's healthcare legislation.

How does THAT make you a good Christian? I mean I'm not saying the health care bill is perfect... it's huge, it's complicated, I'm a little concerned about what it'll do to my HSA if my deductible has to go down, etc. But anti-Christian?

I mean, what would Jesus hate about this bill? The fact that people with pre-existing conditions will be able to see doctors? Didn't he have MANY ENCOUNTERS with people with pre-existing conditions? That's been one of my biggest questions all along for opponents: dear republicans, WTF exactly has your plan been? Let the invisible hand of capitalism... motivate cancer to work and pursue the lifestyle it craves? The rules of supply & demand don't work with something where the demand is endless. The idea of "work harder to get more" doesn't work for health care, where the people who can work are precisely the ones least likely to need care. This is a former libertarian talking here: it's time for a little government intervention.

Oh, it's a violation of religious freedom to ask you to provide a women birth control?


When hundreds of my tax dollars went for YEARS to fund wars I did not support, you're worried about EGGS going unfertilized?

Can this time please be over, when society is so petrified of all the sluting up that will happen if a woman can choose to shape her lives around her mind instead of her uterus? Birth control has even been denied to women who needed it for health reasons, all for this idea that God wants us to be pregnant.

Your religion is still free to think the world will be a better place if women are pregnant all the time. But that's where it needs to stop. Bumper sticker time, ready? "My freedom is more important than your good idea." You are now allowed to deny your employees birth control any more than you're allowed to audit their paychecks to make sure they're not buying porn and alcohol.

If you're so wrapped up worrying that liberated women will be the downfall of society that you can't see poor kids needing doctor visits, I think something is seriously wrong with your Christian perspective. I don't know what sort of Christian you are, but I am a different kind.
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