Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

weekend with just us girls

I spent the weekend alone with Josie, Marc was out visiting family. It was kind of a long weekend. It had its highlights. Saturday the weather was nice and we went to the playground and had a really good time. I baked casseroles and made good veggie lasagna with fresh spinach.

Josie likes helping in the kitchen but it's perilous. We have some really zippy hummus in the fridge because I was letting her sprinkle paprika in before I mixed it up in the food processor, and as soon as my back was turned she inspected the container and figured out there's another side you can open that's a lot more efficient. And you can't say "NO" when they do that sorta stuff, you have to admire that they solve a puzzle, you just have to smile and say "okay we're done with paprika!" and scramble to scoop it out as best you can.

We watched some sesame street, read a bunch of books, did some shopping, pretty much kept to ourselves. I had to fight her for naps and bedtime. I was reading "Hunger Games" which makes everything you do seem really intense, so every naptime I kept getting this feeling like the kid was going to KILL me.

Saturday night she was being her normal toddler self and refusing to go to bed. It was dark and late and I had my hand on her back and said "Josie, it's time for sleeping. You have to lay down."

She said "NO", in her sweet little stubborn-as-hell voice.

Then she didn't move. And her breathing turned deep and even. I moved my hand and she was totally asleep. She'd had one minute left of consciousness there, and just had to use it for one final act of defiance. That's the almost-two-year-old for you.
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