Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

what kind of dog is my dog?

When I talk about my dog a lot of people ask what breed she is and I'm unable to satisfy them with my answers so far:
  • the black kind?
  • about knee high?
  • the kind you get from the humane society?

So we're gonna play "guess the pedigree" here.

here's judy, who we call juders, and who josie calls "jiddy":

The humane society actually had her labeled as a dachshund. They got her in as a stray, put her in a foster home to heal up a bit, and by the time we got her she was around four months old and clearly not a dachshund because she was like 30 pounds. So the vet there, who frankly admitted "we really take a shot in the dark with puppies" guessed a beagle mix.

She has very un-beagle like pointy ears and she's mostly black but does have white on the tip of her tail and her feet. But beyond that I have no idea what to tell people. So, any guesses? Or should I just say "dog"?
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