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spacebaby's mommy is pro-choice

So Marc dressed jo in her shirt that says "my mommy is pro-CHOICE!" for a trip to the zoo this week, of all places. He was sort of delighted to tell me about all the icy glares he received from the Wichita crowd. I was kinda shocked he took her out in it, I bought it for her to wear to rallies or NOW picnics or other places where it's a bit more acceptable to spout off liberal views on reproductive rights... the zoo? But I gotta love the man. Better to be over the line on the offensive liberal side than unsupportive, right?

So first general question: is it bad that we'd dress our kid in political views? The shirt speaks the truth, it doesn't say "this baby pro-choice" because she obviously doesn't know what's what, it says her mother is... that's me! Then again it does kind of imply that she's proud or happy about my views which I guess isn't entirely correct, since she doesn't know any better. I'll let you all weigh in on how bad it is to put one-year-olds in any shirt with words on them, k? Is it bad if it's political? Religious? About poop? Everyone has a different line, obviously. She also has a shirt that says "FUTURE ASTRONAUT"... if anything, that one's pigeonholing her way more than a shirt about her mom is.

What made me get her the shirt was being so irritated, again and again, seeing bumper stickers, billboards, shirts, signs etc EVERYWHERE that equate motherhood with anti-choice attitudes.

Gems like "your mother was pro-life!" Uh, you don't know that. And I am living proof that a mother can be very pro-choice, in fact I've written that pregnancy made me even more pro-choice than I was before.

And my other favorite is "your mother chose life!" Yeah. CHOSE. That's different than being forced to carry a pregnancy to full term because that's the only path for a fertilized egg that your right-wing government has mandated for you.

So I snapped and that's how my child ended up draped in propaganda. I just really want to say, "Look, here's evidence that you can have a baby, love a baby, take care of a baby, and still totally support anyone else's decision to NOT have a baby." It's about admitting that what's right for me is not right for everybody... that's what being a pro-choice is about in the first place!
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