Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Dear @Twitter: please block the truetwit extortion, er, validation service

So how's this sound?

1) You follow someone on twitter.
2) You get a direct message (DM) back that says you have to go to this site called TrueTwit to fill out a captcha to prove you're a real person.
3) You wade through an ad-filled page to do the captcha. It's a pain in the ass.
4) TrueTwit then tells you that you won't have to do any more for any other people, if you sign up for their service.
5) Oh, but if you sign up, they get to DM everyone who follows you.
6) Unless you pay them $20.

WOW what a stupid annoying load of crap. Aren't there other words for stuff like this? Extortion? Pyramid scheme? "Annoy an entire community into giving us money"?

It kinda reminds me of that gator thing that would offer to save all your passwords, while spywaring that crap out of your computer. Everyone signed up for this great free service without pausing to ask "what's in it for gator"? In that case, personal information. In Truetwit's case, they get to expand their EMPIRE of twitter accounts that they basically get to hold hostage and use as bots... they get to message THEIR link to all YOUR potential followers. You're advertising for them for free.

I always ignored all those DMs I got from TrueTwit until recently, I don't give two craps whether someone follows me, I'm not in any kind of follower contest. This week I got curious and decided to go fill out some captchas, what the heck. But the more I read about it, the more my eyebrows went up and I could not BELIEVE anyone would sign up for a scheme like this!

And isn't it sort of bizarre that a service claiming to fight spam has sent me dozens of unsolicited messages? I see a twitter user, think they look interesting enough to follow, and suddenly here's this robot questioning my humanity as a consequence?

From here on out I'm unfollowing anyone who'd use anything as awful as this service. So that's what it'll get you... not "better people to follow". Just fewer followers. And I cannot believe that Twitter would keep an active API key for this kind of thing either... bad move, Twitter. The only way to kill this pest is for you to smackdown and set everyone free at once.
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