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Reni's wichita & my wedding dress

Every once in a while I'll be at a party and the topic of wedding dresses comes up, and the place where I got my dress has sort of an interesting reputation. So I figured I'd throw my story out into the world so it's out there.

Reni's Bridal Boutique has been around a loooong time. It's in sort of an odd location in an older part of town, it's small, and the owner Reni is known for being a little eccentric.

It was actually our first stop. I walked into Reni's in 2007 with the following situation:

1) I wanted to get married in ten weeks
2) I'm over six feet tall

The associates working at the store consulted with Reni herself on this one. She ran around pulling dresses off the rack that would be ready to go. It was a busy weekend and there were lots of other appointments going on and everyone was running around like crazy, but she managed to grab a lot of dresses that really worked out. The rest of the world doesn't make clothes for really tall women but I guess when it comes to weddings, there's something for everyone.

I found a dress I REALLY liked. But since this was our first stop, we wanted to try some other place. We spent another three days shopping, but the only good feeling I'd ever had was at Reni's, so a week later we were back.

By this time the dresses were a blur, I had no idea what I'd tried on, I just went in and said I though they were holding something for me. The sales associate brought me this dress. It was simple, like I'd wanted, it had little crystals running down a sort of wrap-around trim, which I didn't remember and seemed weird because I'm not a crystal sparkly diamond person but whatever, maybe this was my dress? They got me in it, I walked out and said to mom, "I guess this was the one I'd liked the best?"

Then Reni walked by, took one look and said "No. That's not her dress." It'd been a week and who-knows-however-many appointments and the tag with my name said otherwise but Reni was convinced. She must just have some lobe in her brain to differentiate thousands of white dresses for hundreds of women. I don't get it. But she rummaged around a bit and brought out THE dress... a Maggie Sottero under $700 with sheer flowy fabric that just draped wonderfully. It'd make me, the "not a wedding person", forever pause by bridal shops appreciating wedding dresses. (picture if you're curious.)

So I come to Reni's defense a bit at parties. Yes it's a crazy little local place and maybe the lady is opinionated and maybe they have Their Way of doing things? But it just worked out so great for me.
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