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I was feeling guilty about not posting much this month, so I looked back at some previous years, and you know what? February is just not my month. I mean it's obviously miserable, obviously in the depths of winter so far you forget what any other season is like, even in this mild winter everything is gray and depressing. That Dar Williams song was the only good thing to happen to this month.

So it's idea-less "what's happening" post time.

We drove up to visit my parents last weekend. On Saturday there was a baby shower for fire_hazzard's wife. I brought Josie because a lot of people wanted to meet her. She drank sugary punch, ate tomatoes right off the snack table, and they fed her sugar peeps, which she can eat REALLY FAST it turns out! And she'll be friends with anyone who gets her one. I was just happy that she kept her clothes on. I realize I don't post as many pictures here anymore; it's because at any given time the odds of Josie being fully clothed are pretty low. She comes up to me struggling out of her little elastic-waist jeans crying "pihnts! pihnts!" until they're off and then runs around shrieking with delight when she wins.

The next day Marc and I went furniture shopping and bought some drawers for the guest room. The k-mart dresser I bought for $40 in 2002 just hasn't held up like you'd think it would. Or maybe it has? Anyway, we're two drawers down and they don't make that color anymore, if they did I joked with marc that we could just get a "parts dresser" and keep it going. So after surfing craigslist for a while we just went out and bought a cheap set. Old house, no closets, need storage, that's just the deal.

Honestly you know the trickiest thing about buying off craigslist? Delivery! When you buy new furniture you get a truck and two guys to gleefully do your bidding any day you want, move your old stuff out and your new stuff in and set it up. When you buy used, you have an itchy seller saying "GET IT OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW" and with a two door hatchback you're a bit limited. Am I right?

While we shopped Josie and her grandma had a "lovely" morning, Josie didn't even notice we were gone. Her and grandma sang andrew lloyd webber songs in the living room, got crayons out and traced their hands and feet on typing paper, put puzzles together and read animal books. Josie narrated the activities in her little toddler voice, mixing words with almost-words with happy made-up singsong babble like she does. It wore her out and when we put her in the car back for Wichita she was asleep before we'd made the first turn.
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