Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my lip balm addiction

So this'll sound stupid but I'm REALLY trying to break my addiction from chap stick so I figure, might as well blog about it. I googled around for tips and found a number of articles and several comments from readers asking "Really, chapstick addiction? If that's your biggest problem I totally want your life." Yup. But it's livejournal, we can talk about anything here.

Why I'm doing it: it's bad to be dependent on anything, and I'm dependent, I put it on way too much. I read that a lot of the ingredients in chapstick like petroleum and menthol are actually bad for you, so I bought some more "natural" brands like burt's bees, and you know what? Those didn't cut it for me. I was like NO I NEED PETROLEUM. That's a bad sign.

And then there's my child, and I know I'm not the first parent to want to change a habit "for the kids", but seriously Josie really wants to put on chapstick all the time! I get home from work and she's even got a sign for it, she purses her lips and touches them with one finger and says "mmm?" and when I do hand her one she just giggles with delight, spends 15 minutes trying to hit her lips with it, and refuses to give it up! She loves the tiny lid, loves holding it to her nose to smell it. And the whole scenario makes me picture that drug commercial from the 80s "I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU!!!"

There was a time around the office where my coworkers joked about how they could tell if I was using another desk or computer regularly, because I'd stash a chapstick there. Yup, I've got a reputation.

But no more! I hope.

I bought more petroleum-free lip balms and am forcing myself to use those more often. Chapstick is only for right before bed, I think... once a day? It's going a little weird but I'm determined.
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