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etsy custom order poll

So someone posted in the etsy forums about custom items, but as usual all the answers were from other etsy sellers and shopowners, who tend to be kinda "eh, customers, screw 'em!" You'd think that customers would be considered a great feature of etsy, but from the sellers perspective I think they're sometimes viewed as an inconvenient formality. There are petitions telling etsy that sellers should always have the last word when negative feedback is posted, stuff like that. Being a customer myself (even more than I'm a seller, to be honest) I think I'm better at seeing both sides, so I kinda saw why a customer would be mad at something like this.

The situation that spurned the debate is as follows:

Pretend you're surfing around etsy looking for something unusual that popped into your head, say, a dress for your toddler that has blue and purple bunnies stacked on top in a column up the side because she just loves blue and purple and bunnies.

You don't find it, but you find a seller who makes similar items, and ask her if she does custom work. She does! She makes your dress, you buy it, yay.

Two weeks later you're browsing around and see the EXACT same design she custom made for you, and it's in her shop for sale.

How do you feel? Does she have a right to sell things she can make, or would you consider the bunny idea *your design*, and expect it to remain one-of-a-kind?

sellers who resell your custom order...

who cares? I got mine.
little weird. but whatever.
that's shitty.
that's so shitty, i'd complain and let her know I was irked.

what if you'd paid her a higher price for the custom item, but now the item's listed at the same price as all her other stuff?

who cares? Custom stuff costs extra... now it's not custom, right?
little weird. but whatever.
that's shitty. everyone should pay what I paid.
that's so shitty, i'd complain and let her know I was irked.
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