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google and public opinion

Time capsule time! Today's topic: Google, Inc.

Remember when they were so pure and geeky and simple? Just a box and two buttons. All you need in life.

Then they came out with maps and email and those were awesome because Google just seemed so smart we were like, "Yes, make our email easier!"

Then they came out with that phone and I started getting weirded out, I remember telling an early-adopter friend that I wasn't getting one because I felt like Google was just getting too big, and was going to take over the world. It's the same reason I don't shop at Wal-Mart. I just sincerely believe that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Who doesn't? Anyway my friend, and I STILL have friends like this, just replied "They can take over the world. They're Google!"

I don't think anyone is qualified to take over the world. Maybe it's my Christian background, always learning that the antichrist would be this beloved peacemaker, before he's EVIL. And I am not saying that Google is the antichrist, just that I don't trust beloved peacemakers.

But is it just me, or are more people with me these days? The Google+ thing was creepy, with the big huge arrow over to the left corner in their homepage, and that BS about how we had to use our real names (FYI - I never did get kicked off for being spacefem). And now there's the sharing information between applications and advertizers, and they tried to personalize my searches a couple weeks ago and that was awful. I'd search for "unicorn" and get photos of cakes because my g+ friend Carrie is the only one who ever posts photos and she makes cakes.

Are they in a downhill spiral to the deepest abyss of public relations? After I turned off that "personal search" weirdness I went back to using them as I always do... searching, mapping, spell checking.

Are they getting as creepy as (*gasp*) facebook?

Power corrupts. Trust no one. Truth is out there. Etc etc etc...
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