Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

rant against verbal communication

So I sent this guy at work an email, and five minutes later my phone rings, and he wants to talk all about the email. I had to be very patient. Then I turn to my cubemate and say, "Don't people understand that the whole reason I send an email is to avoid talking?"

Then I was accused of being a "gen-y-er", aka a "kid these days", who can't handle people because I've spent too many hours of my life in front of a screen.

I protest. For one thing since the beginning of time there have been nerds who couldn't handle people, but now that we've got email and text messaging we can finally do some real good in society. right?

Times I want to talk to people:
1) I want to say something really offensive that should be never be stored as evidence to be brought up in a court of law.
2) There are lots of people involved in the conversation and we can just have it all at once.

That's it. Generally speaking I've found that talking is too easy for people, words just come out unfiltered, you can say the same damn thing ten times before anyone notices that you're being repetitive. Email is great because you're forced to be concise. If you yammer on forever, everyone will realize that you're a bad communicator. You do more cost-benefit analysis on your words. If I don't like what you're saying, I can stop reading. There are so many wonderful things about it!

I might be a tiny bit antisocial in the general population, but not compared to other engineers. They set the bar low. I could be their prom queen. So I don't think this is totally an introvert thing, or a generational thing. It's a "really, seriously, 'not talking' is a better way to do it" thing.
Tags: office politics, ranting
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