Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Thoughts on the SOPA blackout, revised godaddy hate reason list

I really hate the whole idea of SOPA/PIPA - the bills that say even people who link to websites that host content that's POSSIBLY pirated could be liable for copyright infringement or intellectual property theft, and must remove their links without any due process unless they want to challenge it in court. Right?

So yesterday Wikipedia & other sites had major blackouts to protest. And I thought maybe I should have done the same over on But I had these thoughts:

1) That would be totally pretending like is important, which it's not.
2) Total "me-too"-ism, because I assumed SOPA was just going to rot in a field like the pile of crap that it is, I didn't think it was worth a protest until everybody thought it was worth a protest.

Now, today, I agree that it's worth a protest, mostly because of what the Wikipedia statement said, that bills like SOPA are part of a larger trend of censorship, governments and the self-killing music industry living in constant fear of all the, well, freedom here. It is concerning.

I also have to thank this movement for giving me one more reason to HATE GODADDY.COM, because they were an original supporter of this legislation. Thank God they lost a few customers over this. Whatever it takes. So here's my revised godaddy hate reasons:

1) Objectifying women - this will always stay at #1.
2) Killing elephants - they have a new CEO now, but I still don't care, once run by an asshole I can only assume it's part of the corporate culture.
3) Thinking that the internet needs leadership to control it - just... fuck you.

Changed their position, you say? They decided to say whatever it'd take to keep their customers from switching away. I never was a customer, I've been boycotting godaddy since before boycotting godaddy was cool, so no SOPA neutrality statement will change my mind. I'm pretty sure the former customers didn't buy the lines and return, either. Good for them.
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