Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

site changes, life stays the same

First, I updated the site in lots of small places and one big place: there's now a page up for the xmms/winamp skins I've made. just couldn't get them up fast enough for me, really, it takes like a month there. So enjoy, and definately tell me what you think!

The rest of today was pretty basic. I woke up and did a yoga tape for the first time in a while... I really need to exercise. Then I showered and ate a light lunch consisting of last night's grilled salmon and rice (kinda sad that leftovers at lunch are 8 million times better than the real dinners we'd eat at college, huh?). Went to get my haircut but didn't do anything too drastic, I just wanted to get the ends evened up and get it off my shoulders. Did some shopping. Bought two tank tops at The GAP for $4 each. Bought greeting cards for friends getting married. Felt good and warm and cute.

Might join Mikey's bowling league on Sunday. Scary, huh? I'm not a fantastic bowler but he doesn't seem to care much. I'll have to get my own shoes somewhere. Hung out with him and steve last night at a nice bar where people aren't allowed to smoke. yes! We played trivia games and I won several rounds, so that was nice. Steve bought me onion rings that were great.

Dave is coming to town tomorrow, which should be pleasant. Should call friends to tell them he's being included in plans this weekend, not that it makes a huge difference, but they should know. It'll be on the to-do list tomorrow.
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