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2012 new years resolutions

This is a late 2012 resolutions entry I realize, but I only like to post one entry a day and I kept thinking about better things to write about. So when I have something that can wait, I just email it to myself. If I ever get hit by a bus, someone check my gmail? You'll be able to keep this blog going for a good week at least, a month if you don't care if it's good or not. If you can find all the gmail accounts you can keep me going like Tupac or something.

Anyway, here are things I want to do in 2012:

Eat less meat. I really do think society's meat-eating habits are not only bad for our health, but ruining the environment. I want to learn how to not need it at every meal.

Write shorter lj entries. Normal people do not have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Comparing entries, I just get more and more long-winded every year I think.

Read more than 15 books. That's how many I think I read in 2011, it's just good to trend that number up.

Ride my bike. It's been hanging in the garage since we moved!

Get the baby to sleep in her own bed.

Carry no credit card balances. I only carried over a few times this last year, but every time it's like $20 that I could have used for something else.

Replace the light bulbs we use a lot, like the ones in the living room, with CFLs. I actually already put an order in for these, it's tricky to find dimmable flame-tips, and when I did find them it was only online and they were like $10 EACH! But based on my calculations I'll still save money on energy, and the life-hours on these things is nuts, so that helps too.

Looking back, here's how I did in 2011:

- Use fewer ellipses (...) in writing, both livejournal entries and emails I worked on this! And I think things improved.
- Read at least one "classic" novel Unfortunately, I read The Fountainhead
- Acquire more curtains for the house Guest room and dining room are curtained!
- Don't let the scary clutter room in the basement get worse Marc helped out with this a lot, we still need some clear boxes
- Get rid of old CDs failed
- When sewing, pay attention to the fabric pattern direction before cutting! still failed a few times but I'm trying
- Post sewing projects Posted to etsy a lot! And sometimes, livejournal
- Do not horde scrap fabric oops. now I horde all fabric.
- Sew a better looking skirt for the example image on my skirt pattern calculator. done, but the photo could have been nicer
- Change spacefem.com quiz images to go through a more sustainable expiration script failed

Per my resolution rules, if something failed as a resolution it can't be carried forward to the next year, I have to find some other way to accomplish it. Keeps me fresh. Or at least, not living in denial that I'm actually going to accomplish something that I clearly won't do.


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Jan. 17th, 2012 01:49 pm (UTC)
I love Mark Bittman's recipes, and he's also gone on a less-meat streak recently. His How to Cook Everything is indispensable in my cookbook collection, and he published a vegetarian version too. He also outlines how to eat less meat and generally more healthy in his book Food Matters which also contains many tasty recipes and variations thereon. I can't recommend his work highly enough.
Jan. 17th, 2012 02:58 pm (UTC)
No, please don't make your entries shorter!

Who cares if they are long, they are well written and interesting.
Jan. 18th, 2012 03:49 am (UTC)
Meat: Do you really eat meat at every meal? Rob and I are lazy carnivores. So breakfast is meatless unless it's a special "big meal". Lunch can go either way depending on what we have--typically I take leftovers of something we made a big batch of and those are more likely to include meat. Rob makes himself sandwiches, usually with meat. Dinner is a 50/50 split. Pretty much all of our "quick" dinners--pasta, tacos, etc--are meatless because meat takes longer. Our bigger meals where we make an entire pan of lasagna and eat it all week usually include meat. If we eat out, there is usually meat involved, but I don't feel like a dish has to include meat to be a meal despite growing up with a father who STILL believes that.

I'd like to move away from feedlot meats. We have some local farmers who offer beef, chicken, lamb, etc. Rob and I need to buy a chest freezer and then we'll give it a go. : )

Lj Entries: Aw, I like your entry length. I get excited whenever I see a post from you in my feed. : )

Lightbulbs: We were switching to CFLs but Rob read something about them emitting mercury gas if they are hot when they break. So now we are trying to switch to LEDs. Yesh, the prices!
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