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more pilot training, just to fly?

I'm thinking about getting another pilot rating... commercial? IFR? I recently met a guy who was VFR commercial, and I didn't know such a thing existed, but it's really got me thinking.

It's not that I want to start charging people to fly, it's that I'm having trouble keeping up with flying without a goal or reason to fly regularly. I'm having a hard time fitting it into my life. It's not like reading or knitting where you can pick it up for 10 minutes after a four month break... you have to dedicate at least a half day to almost any casual flight, and I don't feel safe flying at all unless I've been up in the last 3-5 weeks or so. In October, after a long hot summer break, I hired an instructor for some refresher pattern work, then practiced by myself, then had exciting flying adventures with my family... but then I let time get away from me. Some bad weather, some busy weekends, and now it's January. I'm right back where I started, worried that I'm too rusty to jump in the pilot seat. Hell!

So I figure if I'm going to hire instructors on a semi-regular basis for familiarity, why not just set a goal and get a rating? Really get something out of those guys.

I was really leaning towards IFR because I love clouds, but then I did some reading and learned that staying instrument current is an even bigger pain in the ass than staying VFR current.

I still only want to fly once or twice a month, I'm not at a time in my life like in 2010 where I could fly three times a week. But these other ratings seem easier than private, they're about ground study and simulator time more than muscle memory. Maybe.

I'll talk to my flight school about it, they used to have regular student pilot meetings to answer random questions like this, but I lost track of those too.
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