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photo studio of my own

Finished a project this weekend: my own mini photo studio!

When I started posting stuff on Etsy it was summertime, and I'd just go outside and take pictures on a white sheet. I'd save up items until I had time for a "photoshoot", wait for a good time, set everything up, and go.

Over Christmas this proved to be a real pain in the ass. There wasn't as much daylight to be had since by the time I get home from work it's dark. Even during the day, the winter sun angles were annoying. I had more items, and since stuff was selling a lot more I was trying to make what sold and post more often, and I didn't like piling things up to wait for the weekend photo shoot. I needed to make something, snap a picture and post it, even if it's 4am and 8 degrees outside and I'm wearing pajamas.

So I read up about how to take pictures inside. I made my first setup based on some internet suggestions for a cardboard box and tissue paper, which kinda worked but then Josie sat on it.

So this is version 2. I invested real money in this one, like $20 or $30, plus the lamps:

Materials: 3 clippy lamps, PCV pipe & fittings, two yards of ripstop nylon for the outsides, curtain backing fabric for the inside, and the real clicker I discovered: full spectrum light bulbs! CFLs, what the heck.

So I took some photos but since Christmas passed I've been feeling pretty burnt out on Etsy. I think I'm going to take January off.

I opted to test the photo booth with my guinea pig, Billy Dee, the most photogenic of the herd. Guinea pig photography has always been tricky. But maybe not anymore! Look how excited he was!

Now, I am certainly not a photo pro, and all my pictures will forever be taken with either my iphone or $100 casio 7 megapixel camera. But if any of you have minor tweaks, tips, or your own mini photo studio, I'll hear about it. Originally the cardboard box instructions said the lamps should go outside the box, and the paper or fabric will diffuse the light, but I decided *more light* was better than perfectly diffused light. That's just where I've gotten to with a bit of testing. Still learning though.
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