Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

graph paper? a little unspecific...

My friends keep giving me crap because at a party we needed some scratch paper, and marc got some out and I immediately said, "Really, all you could find was quad rule?"

They were like, "What the hell is quad rule?"

Marc held it up and everyone agreed it's called graph paper.

Well yeah, but graph paper could be anything... you can graph things on semilog if you want, some people even consider isometric lined paper to be "graph paper".

I did not go into the gory details of the difference here! But I've still be ruled a nerd by this particular group for calling the paper what it is. Just me, or freak group? I hate thinking that it's really not normal to distinguish quadrille, I'll admit I have nerdy things about me but it sucks when you're a nerd without even being aware of it.
Tags: math
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