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what us feminists are up to

Yesterday I found an opinion piece on Fox "News" about how feminists are so politically correct we won't criticize muslim extremists. That's why we aren't talking about the sexual assault of protesters in Egypt. Except we are definitely talking about it, in fact it was a huge topic in 2011, so I'm not sure where the author's getting her "feminists". I wrote up a bit on about it and linked to the discussions on four other feminist websites, including those little-known hard to find ones like Ms. Magazine and Feminist Majority.

I mean, come on.

Dear friends: if conservatives in the news try to tell you what feminists are talking about, keep topics like this in mind as proof that anti-feminists have no idea what feminists are talking about, they're in total denial that our movement has done anything to help women and are prepared to do any amount of ear covering and "la la la" to keep their biases intact.

The other good things we did this week is launch an entire category for frequently asked questions about feminism, so we'll have a quick simple place to point trolls newbies who are new to the cause.
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