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marc on eating healthy

Marc had a quote worth posting, that might inspire and 2011 healthy resolution-ers, so here goes:

You might remember this time last year my husband was 50 pounds into his 80 pound weight loss. It was an official diet program through a local hospital, with meetings and meal replacements and vegetable "quotas". It was nuts. But since ending the program in February, he's really done a good job keeping the habits good and the weight off.

2010 was funny because he started his program like a week before Thanksgiving. And everyone, even me, was like "Are you crazy? Nobody diets over the holidays, that's when the cookies and huge meals come out. You have to let yourself go!"

But he didn't, last year or this year. He made it through the holidays pretty unscathed.

Here he is in April 2010. I'm trying to look cute and pregnant, he's trying to hide behind me, I might as well just say it. He didn't like pictures of him.
marc & me

Here he is with Josie now:

That's what all prompted him to say to me this week, "Really, I'm glad I was on the diet last year over the holidays. It taught me that whenever someone says, 'Well X is happening so you have to eat huge meals and all this unhealthy crap!' I can respond with, 'Actually, no! You don't.'"
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