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Best of Spacefem's Livejournal 2011

my friend litzner made a year end review post in his blog with a list of what entries he thought were his best ones. It got me inspired to do something similar, but wasn't sure how to judge that sort of thing because you know, my whole blog is so awesome or something? And the "most commented" entries didn't really feel like they cut it because this year anything with more than 30 comments usually consisted of at least one big crazy two-person debate gone wrong.

So finally I let Google do my deciding, I just did a basic "" search to see what it'd come up with first. And then I personally threw out any entry I didn't really love as much. What I have left with is this. Yesterday I posted about things I did this year but this is different, it's a list of what I thought this past year.

Best of Spacefem's Livejournal 2011

1. Scientists aren't scary Even though I love the natural birth movement, I take it very personally when people don't trust scientists and doctors.

2. HTML hexadecimal colors that are also English words For example, "decade" is a nice grayish-purple.

3. Sexism for Toddlers Where I find blatant awful agenda of "math is for boys" in one of Josie's picture books. 2012 resolution: carry out plans to complain to the publisher.

4. Cows that make human milk? Science news that prompted me to write down other ideas we could do to get more human milk in babies.

5. How to fold a six-pointed snowflake I'm serious people. Scientifically inaccurate snowflakes are really unacceptable.

6. Perfect Madness: Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety [Warner] Best, most informative book I read all year. It's about why motherhood cannot be "every woman for herself", and the consequences of a winner-take-all society.

7. Pregnant in America: a documentary I will not recommend I had my fabulous natural birth at a hospital that was in the crosshairs of this fear-mongering documentary, and lived to tell the tale.

8. Paternity leave is a feminist issue Who's idea is it to leave a woman home alone with a seven-day-old when she's recovering from something like childbirth? Why a week is not enough for new dads.

9. being a mom & an engineer: my new talking points If you want to have a baby, is engineering a good field for you? Better than most, I say.

10. Dear Obama: please stop picking on aviation? I like our president, but he throws my industry under the bus disproportionately and it frustrates me.
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