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Everything I did in 2011

So every year I like to write about the things I did every month, sort of a nice recap of the year's activities, this one is no exception! Here we go:

January - started the year out with a six month old baby getting fatter every day, and a dieting husband getting skinnier every day. He was 50 pounds down already and would lose 30 more... go marc! Josie started to crawling, then four days later started pulling up on the furniture, then falling on her face. It was the first of many self-inflicted injuries to come for the crazy kid.

February - I moved to a new group at work. After having the same boss for about five years in the single engine group, I moved back to jets for a minor avionics upgrade (that turned into a MAJOR avionics upgrade... but that came later).

March - The baby was cruising around furniture, I co-chaired the annual SWE engineering expo for 300 kids.

April - Barely ten months old, Josie started walking. On a trip to Kansas City we saw three panels of Monet's Water Lilies together at the Nelson-Atkins.

May - SWE had a fabulously inspirational speaker at a section event, reminding me why I love hanging out with other women engineers. We have the best stories.

June - I had tried writing a blog about the funny things people type into my website's mnemonic generator but lost interest. There's just too much stuff on the internet, everywhere, for me to feel like I have information to contribute to it. You know?

July - We hit the Sedgwick County Fair for the first time ever. Also took the whole family to watch a LOT of harry potter movies at my friend's house in honor of the last one coming out.

August - Traveled to Buffalo New York for Marc's tribal registration, and spent some days seeing the sights. Started selling some of the stuff I'd sewn up on Etsy. My very good friend Ms A moved to Michigan and that's been rough.

September - Switched groups at work again, abandoning avionics design in the new jet to work on a software implementation team doing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Adopted a four month old beagle mix from the humane society. My sister visited and we trekked out to the state fair.

October - Got my wings back and flew the airplane a little, including taking Josie on her first flight to go check out a wind farm and of course eat lunch at an airport.

November - Some really good friends of ours who used to be our neighbors got married. Finally weaned Josie - thanksgiving weekend was the last time we breastfed.

December - Had a great party with our old neighbor friends at our house and played some fun games. My alma mater Pittsburg State won the DII football national championship.
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