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So my sister and I were talking about the AWESOME year we've had in the Kansas Government, if by awesome you mean embarrassingly terrible. We are not loving Governor Brownback. You're probably not surprised. In fact we realized it might be a fun year-end roundup list: Worst Things Sam Brownback Has Done to Kansas.

But I want to solicit opinions from my dear readers and twitter fans first! Because if it's going to be important and entertaining, where do the events rank with you? What was your least favorite thing Sam Brownback did this year?

Was it telling women to marry out of poverty? Killing public funding for the arts? Vacation to Rick Perry's prayer rally? Oh and just so you know, he apologized to that poor girl on Twitter... although there's debate in my circle about whether that really means we have to forget, because the whole situation would have been nothing if his staff hadn't tattled on her in the first place.

Leave a comment here or shoot me an email (spacefem@spacefem.com) and I'll narrow the list down and give us all something to really drink about when we remember the year.