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our Christmas

Had a lovely Christmas this year - I shall tell the story in photos!

Here's Josie all dressed up for Christmas Eve service. She did great in church. She had some "walk around outside the sanctuary" time with her aunt and grandpa, but overall sat very nicely and loved the candlelights.

Christmas morning action shot! Santa came through with that rocking horse after all! And by santa, I mean craigslist.

My favorite present: I asked for a wall clock for my sewing room. The room is blue, green and purple, lots of cool colors and art on the walls. Well my sister said she looked for one but couldn't find one, and decided to MAKE ONE instead! So she painted this and stenciled it with lace, and mom helped stencil the letters, and the rest of the family helped drill it and install the clock kit. It's so awesome!

Favorite present I made for someone else: Mom got a kindle fire for her birthday a while back, so I made her this sleeve to throw it in, with a "love to read" applique:

Other gifts:
Josie got two little people racecar tracks, a big tall swirly one from my parents and a little hilly one from her cousin in the family kid gift exchange. She was giggling like crazy watching the cars go down. My sister got her a little count and sort farm set with animals.

I gave marc a sushi making kit! Kind of a self-serving gift there, but I know he really did want it.

My sister also gave the family Kansas gift baskets she assembled herself. Hazel Hill chocolates, PT's coffee, Grandma Hoerner's garden salsa, most wanted vodka, wildewood cellars jelly, local honey and granola.

Josie wanted to drink out of the tiny Most Wanted bottles and threw a fit when we wouldn't let her but that was the biggest scene she threw about Christmas in general. I was so proud of her... during the big family kid gift exchange the kids pass out all the presents and then unwrap youngest to oldest, and she sat there so patiently next to her present until we said it was her turn (there's one cousin younger, if you can believe it).

Last week in a work gift exchange I stole the game "Five Second Rule" from somebody, and we played it with the family and it was a blast! The gist is, there are 500 cards with "name 3..." questions on them: name 3 movies in theaters right now, name 3 chinese restaurants, name 3 prime numbers, and you have to spit it out in five seconds to get a point. And you can steal, if someone screws it up and you can name three totally unique things they didn't think of. For a game I'd never heard of, it went great.

The whole weekend was great. Family got along, Josie slept okay, no travel hiccups, dog is at the vet. It was fabulous like it is every year.
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