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non-rocking horses

Update: This issue was RESOLVED! I will not say how, you'll all have to wait for Christmas, just like my kid!

I really wanted to get Josie a rocking horse for Christmas. I remembered this one I had as a kid, it was on springs and bouncy and I'm sure I fell off it a few times, but I'm still here. But anyway I can't find one like that. In fact I can't find one I like at all, so I guess she's just getting blocks. boo.

All the ones I found have the following "features":

1) The saddle is only 9-12" off the ground, to insure a low CG to minimize the chance of tipping sideways.
2) The rocking sleds come 2" off the ground max, and have stops on them, so you only rock about 10 degrees.
3) If they're on springs, they're fully surrounded by padded sides.
4) They all make sounds/light up/have buttons/need batteries.

In case it's not obvious, I hate everything on that list.

I'm sad, because what would be cooler under the tree from santa than a real rocking horse? So classic and beautiful and yes, potentially dangerous, but isn't that what toys are all about? The exhilarating possibility of shooting your eye out?

A couple months ago I'd found some cool old ones on craigslist for cheap that I thought about buying but didn't, because I wanted to class it up a little, and we'd just had a rocking chair we got off craigslist fall apart on us (unrelated but very funny story, I'll write that one up later). Anyway now I regret passing them up, seeing that the stores today consider a "rocking horse", you know? My child climbs up and over the back of the couch, I think she can handle a rocking horse where her feet don't touch the ground!

If anyone knows where I can find a real rocking horse, in Wichita, on December 22nd, let me know. Otherwise I'm just going to be disappointed with santa. And, for that matter, the world.
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