Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Christmas songs: my love/hate list

Three Christmas songs I abhor:

1) The First Noel - they lyrics don't match up with the song so random extra words are just thrown in, was this a bad translation or something? "The angels did say"? "night that was so deep"? That's terrible!

2) Baby It's Cold Outside - maybe this was cute in the 1950s when the lines between "flirting" and "coercion" were a little blurry, but in 2011 we know what date rape is. If you have to ask your date what's in your drink, don't think about how cold it is. RUN.

3) Christmas Shoes - words cannot even describe my loathing. If you haven't heard this song, don't look it up. It's a thick laying on of "poor orphan" that's incurably sappy, and as my forum members pointed out, if you're out in the world and a small child with no apparent adult supervision is asking for change to pay off some ladies shoes, please do more than the guy in the song? Find out if the kid needs a ride, at least?

Okay, so to balance out my hate, here are my favorite Christmas songs:

1) Oh Holy Night - will always be splendid, and a perfect opportunity for great singers to shine.

2) Pretty Paper - You know how every family has their own strange collection of Christmas albums? Well I grew up with this Willie Nelson song and it just takes me right back to hanging up my favorite ornaments, like the family of three felt snowmen, on mom's tree.

3) All I Want for Christmas is You - I'm not proud okay but I LOVE this song and always have and love dancing around the living room with Josie to it, since I thumbs-uped it on Pandora, ha ha!
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