Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Me, football, and the Gorillas taking D2

When I went to pittsburg state university home of the GORILLAS our football team was not really what it once had been, let's just say? Our stadium was remodeled, so that was fun. And we'd look up at the big shiny years that we'd won national championships and say, "Really we won national championships?" We had all the hallmarks of a great team... alumni money, devoted fans, rivalries. It just wasn't our years.

But this year was and I'm SO proud to be a gorilla! I slacked off, as usual, on paying attention to our football team until like two weeks ago and I'm not proud of that. In fact that championship game was the first full one I think I'd watched. I get random updates from my dad and brother in law and that's about it.

Marc and I have equal feelings about football, which is that we'll pay attention to it if it's in front of us, we go to superbowl parties, that sort of thing. But it's never something we think of on our own. In fact every year we have our pre-superbowl party google session where we look up who's playing, where they're from, and what colors they wear. Then we make matching jello shots.

This week I told a coworker excitedly, "My team is playing for the D2 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!" and he said, "Really? Sweet!? Who they playing?" awe, crap. missing bit of critical research.

This scene came to mind several times today:

Hey. I went to college to go to college, be a tech nerd, run track. My freshman year I dated a guy on the football team, I think just because my high school nerd self was amazed I could date a guy on the football team. All it did was remind me to go back to my high school nerd self.

And now when I confess to coworkers that I don't know if the KC Chiefs are having a good year or a bad year (or if the season has even started) they ask, "doesn't your husband watch football?" As if it's a husbandly duty in America to keep the little ladies informed? He doesn't give a crap. There are plenty of things he informs me on (who Leonard Peltier is; the sketchy lines between house music genres) and plenty of things I inform him on (who Gloria Steinem is; why low wing airplanes don't provide as good a view as you'd think) and neither of us picked up football in that mix.

But I do pay attention enough to know about the championship, and I was excited to celebrate it, so we hit up a sports bar at 10AM to revel in the novelty of buffalo wings for breakfast... and watch some football. And it was terribly exciting, we were way into it, the start of the game was rough but we kicked ass after that. Ye-ah buddy! Next year, I vow to pay attention to the team a little earlier. Like, when we're conference champions, maybe. I may not watch every game, but I'll at least follow some more twitter feeds about it. I do love publicity for division II sports, however it comes. Great game today.
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