Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my first craft fair

Tomorrow I'm working my first ever craft fair booth! Have I gone to the dark side? Overboard with the sewing thing?

I kinda blamed etsy. The constant lure of capitalistic endeavors this year combined with the discovery that I could buy bulk zippers - 25 for $10! And it was all downhill from there. I did an inventory check getting ready for the fair, and was sort of shocked to find out that I have 50 zipper pouches. Over 80 headbands, a couple dozen ID lanyards, and just for funzies, some keychains and baby gift sets.

I'm splitting a booth with two other girls. I know, right? Look at me having girlfriends! There's an art teacher, a graphic artist, and me... the craft hack. But I'm doing good things for them, I'm bringing a laptop and spreadsheet so we can keep track of sales and I'm the one with the iphone and square reader so we can swipe credit cards. I'm the IT department. We've been emailing like crazy, figuring out signs, planning our 10ftx10ft layout, debating whether to accept checks... we ended up voting No on that one after talking to friends and hearing too many horror stories.

Anyway, back to zipper pouches... I'm totally proud that I came up with the idea to make a cylon one, complete with red LED to move back and forth so you can go "nroommm! nroomm!" while you open it. I made it as a Christmas present for marc, but it was so awesome I had to crank out four more for etsy. Then that was so fun I made boba fett, because you might as well right?

Most of the other stuff I sell is more etsy-friendly. You know. Birds on it. But sewing odes to my favorite sci-fi classics makes me feel like I'm really expressing myself, it has to happen.

My typical day: that damn dog wakes me up at 4am. I sew. I leave for work at 7:30. I come home and play with Josie. On the weekends when marc takes her to the gym or she's napping, I sew. My sewing room is horribly messy, but also warm and everything I need can be out all the time. So that's probably really what did it... the room of my own.
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