Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

toddler crazy of the day

So remember how I was saying that mental-patient type behaviors are totally normal for a toddler? Got another example. We're at this party with lots of adults and older kids, like ten year olds, and there's special food for the kids. The hosts have put out this lovely spread in the kitchen with chicken fingers and egg roles and fruit salad, all that. The kids are milling around fixing plates and I'm making one for Josie. Out of the corner of my eye I see her trying to get into a cabinet, but I know I'll be done with her plate in like thirty seconds and will repair any damage she's just done.

Next I turn around she's standing sweetly behind me holding up this giant potato.

She's looking at me with those big expectant eyes, like "I've provided for the family!". And I gotta hand it to her for being self-reliant, and following the lead of the other kids who were grabbing the food they could reach, but I had to explain that the potato wasn't on the party food menu, sorry kid.
Tags: parenting
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