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weaned the baby

So you know how people stop smoking and tell you that it's been a day, or two weeks, or five years two months 47 seconds? Well I haven't breastfed Josie in one week.

I could have kept going with all this, but it was time, and I feel good about our whole course of breastfeeding and how successful it was. She's just shy of 18 months old.

We got down to twice a day, just before and after work. Then just after work. Then, because there are distracted days, only sometimes after work. Over the long thanksgiving weekend, we nursed a few times, but every time I was thinking, "this could be the last one"... it was a nice thought.

Now when I get home we still sit on the couch and cuddle and read a book and that's how we reconnect, and before bed she'll curl up on my lap and have warm cow milk in her sippy cup, and it's nice.

Breastfeeding. Before Josie ate any solid food, milk got her from seven pounds at birth to 20 pounds at six months old. It meant I got a lot of books read while pumping at work. There was milk to donate to two other babies. And last weekend, over the long thanksgiving holiday, every time we nursed I thought "maybe this is the last time", and those minutes were special.

I think I owe myself some new bras! I haven't bought a pretty thing with underwires for two years, but now the world is open! I can probably justify a night out and a bottle of wine, too. Weaning isn't something typically celebrated in breastfeeding communities online, but I think there's something wonderful about a woman feeding a baby until she decides to feed that baby something else, when it's right for her. Then being free.
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