Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Am I the only woman who doesn't wear makeup?

So I'm reading this book "Think" by Lisa Bloom... it's awesome, I'll write up a full review later. It's about the evils of letting your mind decay into worthless celeb news when there are important things going on in the world that need your attention.

But anyway one early chapter had a bit about beauty routines, and how much women in our society invest, measured in both time and money. The author talks about how much women spend on makeup, how we spend 30 minutes a day blow drying our hair, the days we lose recovering from cosmetic surgery.

Except, I totally don't.

The author has spent her life in Chicago, New York and LA as an on-air legal analyst for major news networks. I've spent my life in Kansas as an electrical engineer. I feel the same way I did when I read Judith Warner's book about the high-pressure, competitive world of motherhood in Washington DC... "wow I'm glad I don't live there!" I don't know if it's the big city thing, or my nerdy world of engineering, or just me.

Here's my "beauty routine":

I always have a lip balm in my pocket. I also have a stick of concealer in my desk at work. I might have some lip gloss... I can't tell you where it's at now or when I put it on last. At random times over the last five years I've owned mascara, like if we had a big vacation and were going out a lot.

I cannot tell you the last time I wore foundation, eyeshadow, lip liner, or blush.

I wouldn't get cosmetic surgery if you paid me to.

My daytime wardrobe is usually khakis and a sweater or fitted knit shirt, sometimes wool slacks, more and more jeans. I do not wear skirts. I do not wear heels, maybe because I'm tall, but mostly because they're impractical. I own very few clothes that require ironing or dry cleaning. I blow dry my hair only if I'm in a hurry, and it usually ends up pulled back into a ponytail at some point during the day.

Granted, at my office there are plenty of gals who class it up a little more than me, it's not like all engineer girls are as anti-fashion as me. But I feel like where I'm at, I fit in just fine. It's when I read books or stories about the average woman spending $800 a month on makeup that I'm like, "huh?"

So anyway, ladies, what's your routine? Do I care way less than average, or just a little less than average? Is your "maintenance level" affected by where you live and what you do?

And really... am I the only woman who doesn't wear any makeup?
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