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So my sister has complained since the beginning of the year that her computer hates her. Computers don't hate people, I explain, 0s and 1s do not hate. I get the computer in, Dave and I replace the video card and NIC, I format and partition the hard drive again (third time this year!) and re-install windows 98 SE. I put it on SpacefemNet and get things configured, download recent service packs and critical updates, insure the most recent drivers, get mozilla, get IE 6, surf on the internet for about a half hour with no problems. Then my sister comes up and asked to check her e-mail on my computer and I'm like, "Here! Use your computer, it's fixed!" She tells me again that it hates her, I assure her that it doesn't. I point the mozilla towards her e-mail login page, she keys in the first two letters of her user name, and mozilla performs an illegal operation and must be shut down. IE gets her to like three sites then performs an illegal operation, too. I get on and surf and it's fine.

So yeah, I guess my sister's computer really does hate her. I just had to see it with my own eyes.

In other news, Dad wants a 5-disk CD/DVD changer. Issue: the 5 disk players don't seem to have progressive scanning yet. Does he need progressive scanning? I don't even know what it is. I thought I might go into circuit city or something and ask, but you can get some funny blank stares from those people if you go on the wrong day or something.

Other other news: Sister had a job interview today so she borrowed my brand-new job interview outfit (I haven't worn it yet) and got the job. Uh, guess it works. Now gimme back my new clothes! It's like the first sip out of a soda, you know? It's yours!
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