Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

has she been had?

Sorry for the many updates. I need to separate my friends to make a "people who actually care about my computer issues" group and seal posts like this off. Well, until then, if you don't care about my computer issues, don't read on.

I bought this 704 router on ebay. When you plug a cable from the NIC to a port, the link lights on the router and card should turn on, but don't. The power light is on but none of the link lights turn on, and I've tested this on two computers. Also, you can't ping the router at it's default IP address. nada nada. Luckily Dave is here, he had a spare 704P in his car (love it) and that one works fine. We're set up and moving.

But is it just me, or did I just spend $50 on a paperweight?

I e-mailed my ebay seller and he says the router was working for him, it must be a configuration issue, he'll mail me the user manual. uh...
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