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dance at your wedding

Last night we went to a fun wedding. Two of our former neighbors got married. They lived by us, in different apartments on the same floor, when we lived downtown.

Getting together with everyone really took me back. I don't know how much I wrote about it, but from 2007-2010 marc and I were living the life, renting a loft apartment in the bar district of Wichita. 1200 square feet, split level, giant windows letting light in from the south, and great great neighbors. Everyone loved going out. Everyone would sit out back together, sharing beer or whatever else, talking, meeting the new folks, heckling the partiers. We were right across from Brickyard, an open-air bar that had bands outside, and we'd listen to their music for free and make deals with the Torre's pizza guys for food.

Then Torre's closed. Then Malia got deployed. Craig's job got tranferred, Lee went to Washington DC, I got pregnant, Melissa got pregnant. Now none of us live there anymore.

Oh, except Janey... but she's moving out, now that she's marrying the guy who used to live next door to us, because he bought a house last year. She's not the last last friend to move out and we joked about how she was making it last as long as possible, not moving in with her fiance until they were MARRIED. But as of last night she really has no excuse.

We all hugged and danced the night away, and promised to keep seeing each other, and told them they had the best wedding we'd been to in a long time.

When I was 23 and just hired on as an engineer, I worked in a cube next to a bunch of old guys. When I did something helpful for them or said something they liked, they'd say "Kid, you're okay! We'll dance at your wedding!" I laughed and said I had no plans for any wedding anytime. They did not end up dancing at my wedding, it was five years later and I'd lost touch when they retired. But last night I was thinking about them, because dancing at Janey's wedding was such a happy reminder of what we used to have. Is that what weddings become when you get older? The old guys at work were saying, "We're happy for you being on the same path we are. It's going to be great."
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