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follow your (crappy unfeasable) dream?

I have two interesting quotes about the kids these days, from recent comments in this journal.

On my entry about occupy wall street:
"It REALLY bothers me when people talk a lot of smack about how college 'failed' them. These kids today (I think I just got osteoporosis saying that) think that 'celebrity' is a valid career goal, and that everyone should follow their heart and be a speshul butterfly." - that6tall2girl

On my entry about why there aren't more engineers:
"Kids these days want fabulous lives, and you show them the average existence of a normal engineer and they scream, turn and run." - sir_montag

A big part of me totally agrees here. I remember being in high school, and my dad saying he so tired of interviewing new college grads and hearing them say "I definitely expect to be a manager in five years." Well it won't happen here, kid. BYE. Doesn't happen where I work, either. I'm not sure where you go to find a company where the average manager is 27 years old.

On the other hand, doesn't the world need dreamers, artists, people who's expectations of life don't totally match up with financial reality? And isn't that the constant problem with "kids these days", even dating back to aristotle's time?

Part of me wants to give free college education to everyone! I had a lot of support from home that other kids don't get during school, I went at the right time in my life, I went to good public schools that prepared me for college. I was lucky, not everyone is, we should help them out.

Another part of me wants to tell them "but not if you're planning to major in poetry!" I mean I went to an inexpensive state university, got a practical degree, had no trouble getting out of student loans. It wasn't pure luck.

NPR's been doing a lot of stories about for-profit colleges. Like, culinary schools are flooded right now with thousands of people inspired by dozens of chef-contest-cooking shows on TV, just knowing they can make it! Except they can't. Line chefs make like $12 an hour, you can't pay off an $80,000 student loan on that. So it taxes the whole system. What are they thinking?

Then again, when I had a bad internship after my junior year of college and expressed frustration about my talents going totally unused (and I mean TOTALLY unused) I was told "You can't just expect to be happy!" In the back of my mind I had a feeling that I could.

There are definitely two sides, and it's definitely a theme I've got my mind on a lot this year.
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