Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

quickie halloween recap

Observation: baby jo is very slowly learning to talk, she almost says something that sounds like "cracker" when she wants one, she says "mama", all of this has taken 17 months.

She is slowly learning about gravity, but still tries to climb off the back of the couch and acts surprised when hitting the floor hurts.

But you know what? It took her about 30 seconds to learn about CANDY. She'd never had it before, I didn't even know if she could eat M&Ms because she doesn't have all her molars yet and sometimes isn't a big fan of crunchy food? Nope, puts them away like popcorn. We went to the houses, she grabbed at the treats, she was on her fifth dum-dum by the third block I swear. Just so happy! All we did was give her one and she figured out she could chain smoke these things to her little heart's content.

Then the next morning she saw her trick-or-treat bag and exploded into elated giggles, pointing and laughing and then crying when I said it was too early to start in on that craziness. So, uh, I caved. I figured it's a holiday. I opened a little bag of M&Ms, ate half of them myself, gave her the rest, and hid the trick-or-treat bag in the kitchen hutch. Why act like I've never had M&Ms for breakfast? That'd be lying!

Tags: holidays
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