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finally took the baby flying

I have no great pictures of Josie on her first flight, Marc was in charge of photography and he only captured her looking hopelessly bored.

But this is a cool one of windmills. We flew out to Beaumont, not to land but to look at the windfarm that we've driven by a hundred times. We love the windmills, and they were amazing from the air. We're at 3500 feet here... about 1500 feet above the tops of the windmills. I think windfarms are so amazing.

And, as far as sightseeing goes, very easy to spot.

He also took this one, coming back into Wichita. This is the sort of picture I obviously needed a passenger for.

Josie was calm. She left her earmuffs on most of the flight.

We landed in the middle and ate lunch at the airport at Stearman Field. It's a great little restaurant, you get to eat outside and watch lots of different kinds of airplanes and helicopters land. It was busy! I made an ass out of myself because I didn't understand the parking situation. There's this one long runway entrance, and apparently everyone just pulls right up to the yellow runway threshold line and parks it right there. I was sort of angled in the middle, and jumped out and asked a guy where to park, and then Marc and I tried to push the plane into a better place but we were already kind of positioned badly. So oh, screw it. And then I was nervous about starting the engine in front of all these people! But I got it on the first try.

My only note to self is to remember that as soon as you take off from stearman you fly right over Jabara airport. I was already talking to Wichita approach so they helped with traffic, but for best results, climb fast outta there and fly south a bit.

Winds were calm, clouds were at 12000 feet or so, it was a really nice day. I had a fantastically beautiful landing into Wichita.
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