Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

weekend: visitors, outside play, botanica, no flying

I post a lot of thoughts lately, but not a lot about what I'm *doing*, gotta keep that balanced out.

We kept the dog. I'm having a hopeful set of days about that situation. Training class starts Thursday.

Friday, humaazul came over for a visit. Josie wanted to show off by jumping off the coffee table, but not by demonstrating any mental/communication skills, go figure. She's been so good at all the signs for "itsy bitsy spider" lately, too.

Saturday we had a really lazy morning then played at riverside park in the afternoon, and did some shopping.

Today we went to the airport, I had a plane and we were hoping to go have lunch at Stearman field. We planned, we preflight checked, we even fueled... and that's when it started getting windy. Like, I was on the ladder putting fuel in the airplane having trouble keeping my balance, thinking "this is 13 knots down the runway?" Checked the METAR... I am thankful now that I have an iphone app so I can check like five at once! The most recent one in Newton said winds were 20 gusting to 28. I was not up to that, on a family flight.

Sooo Josie, who has not yet had her first little airplane ride, got to experience her first "taxi around and then cancel it for weather". Proud tradition. However it was a chance for us to prove that Josie didn't mind sitting in the back seat, belted in, and she wasn't scared of the engine start or moving airplane. So that's something!

Instead we went to Botanica because Marc hadn't seen the children's garden. I just cannot gush about that place enough. Lots of toddler traps where Josie could occupy herself for a very long time if we let her. It was a gorgeous fall day.

We made pizza for dinner. Josie didn't like the crust, so she just licked the toppings off, it was messy. We went for a walk and the dog did great on her leash, she's really improved there but we got some good tips from our dog-lover neighbor that helped out about keeping her close and all that.

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