Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the itchy & scratchy show

Parts of me... legs, lower arms, neck, face... are covered in this funny rash as of this morning. Little white bumps that itch and stuff. I thought it was just chiggers from the camping trip but it seems to be spreading. Dave said it might be herpes and asked who I'd been with. Very funny! Oh well, luckily we were able to get aveeno oatmeal/hydrocortisone cream... mmmm!

Ya gotta love wilderness.

Today: set up router! Very exciting. Have yet to get Dad on the Linux box because he's mad that I disconnected his machine, which is funny because it's a POS. My sister got on this morning and loved it though, because it's really fast so she can do all the really fast neopets stuff. I told her I was going to block neopets. Honestly, it's not good for her. I need to interview my sister for the celebrity page, really.
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