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local news: toddlers wandering alone at night...

The story today was about a father who left his 1 & 2 year old alone in an apartment when he got called into work. It was 10:30 pm or so and they were sleeping, but woke up when he was gone and were found wandering the complex. They're now in protective custody.

So okay, there are some red flags of irresponsible parenting here.

But what really got me is that pretty much ALL the comments on the article are about how this guy is a scumbag who shouldn't reproduce, and how the mother, who was also at work at the time, is also a worthless scumbag for even having children with the guy. And she LEFT her children with him! What an awful mother too!

What if the guy's boss told him, "Come in now or you're fired"? What if he was three months behind on rent? What if he couldn't afford a babysitter, or fell behind on paying the ones they had so they won't take his calls at 10pm? What's it like to find childcare that late at night, anyway? I can think of a million questions I'd ask about a story like this before I call the guy "unfit to ever reproduce".

This is the problem with the "every parent for himself" mentality we've got going today, where we all blame parents for getting themselves into "this situation", where we see no need for public childcare or standards for early childcare. So now instead of paying for this family to keep their jobs, we're paying for the kids to be in protective custody. And guess how these kids will turn out? With substandard care or, as we saw last Friday, no care at all, what kind of adults will they turn out to be?

One commenter said the father was so stupid he probably doesn't even deserve a job at all. There ya go. So you'd have him be an unemployed father? Then probably criticize him for being a burden on the welfare system? This is is the crap the feminist movement has been fighting for years... we're the ones who point that when someone makes the wrong choice, it's often because they were left with no choice at all.

What good is any of this blame & hatred doing? Are you passing your judgement from your cushy office job, where you'd never get called in at 10:30, where you're paid six or seven times what childcare costs, where you can afford to live in a nice neighborhood full of trustworthy neighbors you could leave your kids with at the drop of a hat? And we're pointing fingers at this guy trying to make ends meet?
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