Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

treating people well: the triangle rule

A friend and I were talking about "group drama" that seems to happen everywhere. In professional groups, church committees, families, offices, you name it.

She said in one of her committees they had an important idea they called "the triangle rule". It basically says that if you have an issue, try to bring it to the responsible person first. In other words you're never allowed to say, "Well I talked to Max and he and I both agree that you need to shower more often"... getting Max involved makes a triangle out of a problem that could probably just be a line.

I thought of it this weekend when I was sick, vegging out on the couch watching Jersey Shore. I mean I realize reality TV people are basically paid to create drama so if everyone followed the triangle rule TV producers would be upset. Also, nothing can help Jersey Shore. But when I'm sick I like to watch unproductive things on TV so I don't feel bad about how unproductive I am, and when I'm not at full mental capacity I like to watch people on TV who also aren't at full mental capacity, so that's why this all came up.
Tags: office politics
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