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puppy naming & general update

I've just played with the puppy less this week. We noticed that she mostly bites me... never marc, rarely as much Josie, so I decided to take a back seat for a while and not have as much "sit on the floor fully engaged" time with her. As a result my skin is a lot more intact. We'll figure out another strategy eventually I'm sure. But I just decided that I'm like extra delicious or something, all I do is sit on the floor and pet her and I get bitten on, meanwhile I see Josie grabbing her tail, trying to pick her up, laying down by her on her bed, and all she gets is licked? Screw it.

We're enrolled in a training class that starts in a week or so, we'll address some of these issues there I'm sure.

We've resorted to calling her "Judy" I think. That was her name at the humane society. We didn't particularly like the name, but struggled to come up with one, and found out that she answered really well to Judy. I read puppy training articles that said the first thing you do is teach the dog what her name is. Crap!

Judy is a bad name though because it's way too close to Josie, and you know how motherhood sort of makes you lose your fucking mind anyway? Well try having two crazy under-foot creatures who both stick inappropriate things in their mouths, about the same size, with almost the same name. Marc and I both are doing this... someone is doing something bad, and the names just start flowing. "Judy! Jodie! Juicy! Joo... oh, fuck, whoever you are PUT DOWN THE KETCHUP!" I'm gonna be one of those crazy moms who screws up her kids name except I'm starting waaay too early. Just last week Marc almost dropped a glass but caught it and I told him "good job big girl!", see, I don't need a name-hijacking dog to make my mental situation worse.
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